Are you due for an Orlando serpentine belt replacement?

Have you ever popped the hood of your car and taken a good look at the serpentine belt? Probably not - a lot of drivers who don't have experience working on cars don't know exactly where this part is located or what it does. However, it's an important part of the inner workings of your car, so it's good to know the basic functions it provides as well as how you can tell when you need a new one. Our Orlando auto service center is here to debunk the mystery of the serpentine belt! 

Serpentine belt

What is a serpentine belt and why is it important? 

What is a serpentine belt? Basically, it's a belt that connects the alternator, AC, and power steering - all three very important elements of your drive time - to the engine. It transfers power to all of these elements from the engine so without it, none of them would work (and who wants to drive around Orlando in the summer without AC?). You might have also heard it referred to as the drive belt! 

The serpentine belt is typically made of rubber, and since it gets so hot under the hood of your car that means this very important belt is susceptible to drying, cracking, and other damage that makes it tough for it to do its job. If it does snap due to wear and tear, you'll start to notice issues with your drive time immediately. Luckily, our Orlando auto service techs have broken them down so you can figure out whether or not it's time to schedule a serpentine belt replacement

Our Orlando auto service techs list signs you're in need of repairs!

Orlando auto service signs

  • Are you having trouble steering? Remember, this belt connects the power steering to the engine. If your power steering goes out or you're having issues getting your wheel to cooperate and turn smoothly, you may need to schedule an Orlando serpentine belt replacement. Our auto service techs can figure out if it's the belt or a problem with the power steering system itself!

  • Do you hear weird squealing noises when you hit the road? If your belt is loose or it's starting to break down due to the heat inside the engine, you might hear this funny noise when the car's in motion. Let our Orlando auto service techs take a look? the belt may break soon and land you in a heap of trouble!

  • Is your engine overheating? This can be caused by a host of problems, but one of them can be the fact that you need a serpentine belt replacement. In some cars it delivers power to the water pump and if that's not working to keep your engine cool, your engine may overheat.

  • Is your battery warning light on? It may just be an issue with your car battery, but it can also signify a problem with this very important belt. Get it checked out at our Orlando Toyota Service Center! 

Want to schedule an appointment at our Orlando auto service center to have our techs take a look under the hood? We've got you covered - give us a call at (866) 945-0493 today! 

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