Does your power seat switch need replacing?

You love your car because it has the bells and whistles. It has wireless phone connectivity, cruise control, a backup camera, and power seats! There's no more scooting your chair forward and backward over and over, trying to get it to that perfect spot. Instead, you can just push a switch and your seat glides in various directions. However, sometimes your power seats get stuck and the switch no longer works. This can be an inconvenience if it's stuck in the wrong spot, or someone of a different height needs to drive! To get your power seats moving again, all it takes is a trip to our Toyota Service Center in Orlando.

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Get Toyota Service for your power seat switch!

Located on the side of the seat, the power seat switch sends power to the seat motor and allows you to move the seat in whichever way you push the switch. If this Orlando auto part is malfunctioning, your seat will move slower than normal, only move in limited directions, or not at all. If this is happening to your power seat, our Toyota Service techs in Orlando suggest first checking for debris stuck in the seat tracks.

Our Orlando Toyota Service techs say that it's not uncommon for trash and other miscellaneous items that you leave in your car to roll under the seat and get stuck in the seat tracks. This debris prevents your seat from moving. It can block the seat tracks, and can eventually burn the circuit. Simply removing the debris will resolve the issue, and you won't need a power seat switch replacement from our Toyota Service Center in Orlando. Prevent this issue by keeping materials such as pens, pencils, water bottles and other debris from getting under your seat.

If stuck debris isn't the problem, a visit to our Orlando Toyota Service Center is in order. Our expert Toyota Service technicians will inspect your seat and determine if you need a power seat switch replacement, which is:

  • Removing the entire seat from your car.
  • Inspecting the switch and the seat motors.
  • Ensuring the motor has no debris clogging it.
  • Inspecting the wiring from the switch to the seat and from the seat to the wiring harness.
  • Check the fuse box for any blown fuses.

Fix your power seat with Orlando auto service!

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If our Toyota Service experts have determined that the power seat switch is faulty, they will replace it with a new one from our Orlando Toyota Parts Department. Once replaced and the seat is reinstalled, they will check it over and ensure it is in proper working condition.

The Orlando auto service professionals at our Toyota Service Center say that you shouldn't neglect a broken power seat switch. This is because if it's broken, you wouldn't be able to find the optimal place for you to properly reach the gas and brake pedals. If you're unable to move your seat to the optimal place, it could affect your ability to drive and operate the vehicle safely.

Do you have a stuck seat? Have it repaired at our Toyota Service Center in Orlando! We're located at 3575 Vineland Road, just off of I-4!

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