Signs you're in need of Orlando transmission repair!

The transmission is an extremely important part of your ride. Basically, it gets power to your engine which in turn, allows you to move forward. We're sure you're familiar with the two types - you can find most of our new Toyota and new Scion cars available in either a manual transmission or an automatic transmission, and there are benefits to both. However, no matter what type of transmission you have under the hood, there are certain problems you should be on the lookout for - we're covering the signs that you need to schedule Orlando transmission repair

What transmission repair warning signs should you look out for? 

Transmission problems

1) Funny noises: If you have an automatic transmission, you may hear a whining or buzzing noise when you shift gears (trust us, you'll know it when you hear it). If you have a manual transmission, you may hear a clunking noise. Additionally, if your car is making a weird noise when you're idling in neutral, it can be an indicator of a transmission issue. All of these sounds can signify a major problem, so you should call our Orlando Toyota Service Center to schedule transmission repair! 

2) Grinding or shaking: If you drive a car with a manual transmission, you may notice a grinding feeling when you shift gears. While this can signify a problem with your clutch, it's best to have our Toyota Service techs check it out and make sure it's not actually a transmission issue. In an automatic, you may feel the car shake when it shifts gears, or shudder a little as it completes the shift. Don't wait - if you feel these things get your car into us for affordable transmission repair before it's too late! (You do NOT want to have to replace your transmission.) 

3) Fluid leaks: Notice any puddles under your car when you take a peek? If you happen to see a puddle that's clear, bright red and smells a little sweet, you most likely have a transmission leak and will need Orlando auto repairs to fix it. You can confirm this by checking the transmission fluid levels under the hood - if they're lower than they should be, you definitely have an issue on your hands! Our Orlando Toyota Service techs can take care of it for you in no time! 

Orlando transmission repair tips

Our Orlando Toyota Service Center has all the transmission info you need!

4) Slipping gears: Having a gear slip can be super scary AND dangerous, so if it ever happens to you while driving, you should schedule transmission repair in Orlando ASAP. Basically, when a gear slips the car doesn't stick in the gear you or the computer is telling it to - it pops out of gear and is forced back into neutral. Imagine how dangerous this can be in traffic or on the highway! Don't ignore this sign - schedule service immediately! 

5) A burning smell: Do you smell a strange burned, sweet odor coming out from under the hood? This can mean you have a transmission that's overheating due to a leak or low fluid levels. Either way, schedule Orlando transmission repair to have our techs check it out for you. Ignoring it can mean a burnt out transmission and your wallet will NOT be happy about that. 

Other signs that you might need some transmission repair are if your car refuses to shift into gear or resists you when you attempt to do it, or if your vehicle seems slow to shift. Additionally, your check engine light can signify trouble and while it may not be with the transmission, it's always a good idea to have that checked out! 

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