Should you leave your car idling?

As car owners, you do your best to keep your car in shape by regularly visiting our auto service center in Orlando. However, just visiting our Toyota service department isn't enough to keep your car in proper working condition. You must also use your car properly! One common misconception and myth that you may have heard is that you must let your car idle before driving. The automotive industry has improved the manufacturing process and car idling is no longer necessary. As a matter of fact, you really shouldn't idle your car! Our Orlando auto service center wants to explain what happens when you idle your car and why you shouldn't do it. 

Our Orlando auto service team explains what car idling is

car idling

Car idling is when you sit in your vehicle with the engine running for more than ten minutes without driving. However, you don't have to just be parked to be sitting idle! You can also idle your car if you're driving at an extremely low speed or if you're sitting in heavy traffic and traveling less than 25 mph. In fact, did you know that one of hour of car idle is roughly the same as driving a distance of 25 to 30 miles?  This all depends on what kind of vehicle you drive. So do you know what happens while your car is idling? Our Orlando auto service team wants to explain it to you and how to keep your car in shape if you have to idle. 

What happens when you leave your car idling? 

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If your engine is running while you're parked or stopped for a while, everything is running without the power and efficiency it needs. According to our auto service team in Orlando, you're actually hurting your car when you sit in idle for too long. Our highly trained technicians explain what happens when you leave your car idling: 

  • Gas - When you leave your car idling for an extended period of time, it quickly uses up your gasoline. That's because in order for the car to stay on it requires you to use up more gas. This then harms your car and the environment. 
  • Battery - You may leave your car idling in order to listen to the radio while waiting to pick up someone or while you're cleaning the garage. Doing so can cause your car battery to drain! That's because without the engine properly running, it provides less charge to your car battery. This can eventually lead to the battery dying. 
  • Oil fluids - In order for your engine to run efficiently, you must have a full tank of oil and regularly replace it. Typically, you need an oil change every 5,000 miles. However, when you leave your car on idle it burns up more oil! You may be required to change your oil more frequently. 


In order to keep your car in shape, our auto service team highly recommends not leaving your car idling! The less you leave it in idle, the better shape it'll keep. Make sure to come by our Orlando Toyota service center to get your oil, battery, and other engine parts checked. Visit us at 3575 Vineland Road. 


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