Is hybrid car maintenance more expensive?

When you're about to sink some money into one of our Orlando Toyota hybrid cars, you're probably thinking about true cost to own (or at least you should be). You have to take into consideration not only how much the car costs, but also how much it's going to cost to own it in the future! Part of these costs include Orlando car maintenance. 

Get the ins and outs of maintaining your Orlando Toyota hybrid

Toyota hybrid maintenance

Have you ever heard that hybrid car maintenance is actually more expensive than traditional car maintenance? It's a pretty common assumption, but it's entirely incorrect! The costs to maintain an Orlando Toyota hybrid are the same as they would be to maintain a traditional gasoline-powered car. We're here to explain why and to give you some pointers when it comes to hybrid car maintenance! 

First - let's address the rumor. It is NOT more expensive to seek out hybrid car maintenance! Although the system under the hood is a bit different as it's composed of an electric motor AND a gasoline engine, routine maintenance is just as easy and affordable as it is in a traditional gasoline-powered car. You don't need to worry about that aspect of true cost to own when it comes to owning one of these green Toyota cars

What car maintenance do you need for your Toyota hybrid car? 

However, hybrid car maintenance in Orlando is just as IMPORTANT as traditional car maintenance. You need to stick to a routine schedule and address the needs of your car to keep it in good shape, or else your costs will skyrocket in terms of repairs and replacement parts. Here are some of our Orlando car maintenance tips to keep your hybrid running like new!

Orlando auto service

Keep an eye on your tires. Always keep them inflated properly, and check the tread regularly to ensure you have enough of it. You should also schedule Orlando tire rotations on a regular basis to even out wear, and replace tires as needed to ensure a safe and fuel-efficient drive time! 

Get oil changes regularly. Orlando oil changes are some of the most important car maintenance appointments to make! Keep your oil tank full of clean oil and get it changed on a regular basis or it can take a heavy (and expensive) toll on your car - think your engine overheating and seizing up! 

Make sure you maintain your car battery. Hybrid car maintenance for batteries is important not only for the normal reasons, but also because this is where your car stores energy that it builds up while the car is in motion. It ensures you have a green performance, so don't let this type of car maintenance go to the wayside! 

Orlando brake service is a must! You should have our techs check your brakes, replace your brake pads and brake fluid on a regular basis, and check out the entire system to make sure everything is running as it should! 

Other Orlando hybrid car maintenance points to think about include your headlights and taillights, fuses, belts and hoses, and your coolant system! 

Have questions or need to schedule hybrid car maintenance in Orlando? Call us today at (866) 345-0493)! 

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