Car Engines 101

Toyota of Orlando has all the engine info you need! 

Looking for a way to learn all the ins and outs of what goes on under your car's hood? Our Orlando Toyota Service Center is here to help! We've got all the information on what goes on in the engine bay of your car, warning signs that something might be wrong, and we offer quick and affordable Orlando Toyota service to get you back on the road in no time! Check out our helpful archive of information regarding anything and everything about your car's engine!

Toyota of Orlando auto service

Changing spark plugs
Find out everything you need to know about your car's spark plugs and when you need to replace them! 

What is a catalytic converter?
Not sure what a catalytic converter is? We sat down with our Toyota Service professionals to find out what this auto part is and what it does - check out the scoop!
Car won't start
What happens when your car won't start? Our Orlando Toyota Service Center is explaining what goes on with your ride when it won't start!
Signs you need transmission repair
Do you know how to spot the warning signs when it's time to schedule Orlando transmission repair? Our Toyota Service techs have them all listed out for you!
Throttle body service
Do you know what a throttle body is and why it's important part of your car? We're giving you the details and explaining when it's time for Orlando throttle body service!
Radiator Repair
Do you know how to tell if your car is due for radiator repair? Toyota of Orlando can help you spot the signs!
Engine Maintenance Tips
Do you know how to keep your new Toyota's engine running strong? We've got tips straight from our Toyota technicians on how to keep it running as efficiently as it gets!
Car Air Conditioning Service
Is your car in need of A/C service? Learn how to tell, as well as when you should schedule car maintenance in Orlando to keep your system in top notch shape!
What is power steering, and what do you do when it fails? 
Have you ever had your power steering fail? Learn how to react if it happens, and how you can prevent it from occurring in the first place!
Car overheating
What causes your car to overheat and how can you prevent it? Toyota of Orlando has tips! 
Car Exhaust Smoke Guide
Is your car exhaust system expelling visible smoke? We're sharing a guide that will let you know what the different colors of exhaust smoke mean!
Warning Sounds for Car Maintenance
Is your car making strange noises? Our Toyota Service Center is letting you know what certain warning sounds mean!
Serpentine Belt 
What is a serpentine belt and why is it so important to keep it in good condition under the hood? Toyota of Orlando has the tips you need!
Do you need a car tuneup? 
Is your ride for a tuneup? Our Toyota Service Center is helping you decide if your ride is in serious need for TLC! We're letting you know the main signs that will let you know if your car needs a car tune up!

Our Orlando Toyota Service wants you to be informed!

What better way to take good care of your car than to know exactly what's going on under the hood? Our Orlando Toyota Service techs know how unnerving it can be to bring your car into the mechanic - you worry that you're going to get less-than-exceptional service, or that you're going to end up with a huge bill when all is said and done. We're here to help! That's why we've compiled a selection of articles about anything and everything that goes on under the hood, and our Toyota Service techs are always here to answer any other questions you might have! 

They key to keeping your engine up and running in top-notch condition is ensuring that it has the tools to do so. This means routine Orlando Toyota Service on a regular schedule, as well as being on the lookout for warning signs, sounds, and smells that something funny might be going on. If you have these tools in your toolbelt, you're ready and able to tackle any problems before they become big and expensive repairs!

Engine maintenance

At our Orlando Toyota Service Center, we offer a lot of ways to keep your car in the best shape possible, especially when it comes to the engine. They include: 

  • Tuneups
  • Oil changes and oil filter changes
  • Air filter changes
  • A/C service and coolant maintenance
  • Muffler repair
  • Spark plugs replacement
  • Head gasket and transmission fixes 

And more! Whatever questions you have, we're here to help. We're open the longest service hours in Central Florida - seven days a week you can count on us to get you back on the road! 

Did we mention that in addition to all of the information we have to offer you about your car in terms of Orlando Toyota Service, we also offer affordability and efficiency? Our Orlando Toyota service techs work as quickly and efficiently as possible to get you back out on the highway with a safe car that's running like new. We also try to do it in the most affordable manner possible - we offer low prices AND Toyota Service coupons to make it happen! 

Have questions? Call us today - we're ready and waiting at (866) 945-0493. You can also swing by and chat with one of our auto service techs at Toyota of Orlando at 3575 Vineland Road, just off I-4 near the Millenia Mall! 

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