Get the information you need to know about your engine air filter

If you want your car to operate properly, a clean engine air filter is necessary. Do you know what this auto part is and when it needs to be changed? Our Orlando auto service technicians are giving you all of the answers to your questions when it comes to your car's engine air filter!

Orlando Toyota service pros answer questions about this auto part

Orlando air filter replacement

What is an engine air filter?

The engine air filter is found under the hood of your car. Its job is to filter dirt, dust, pollen, and more from the air going into your car's engine. Without a filter, the debris can cause damage to your car's engine. 

Your car needs a mixture of fuel and air to function properly and it can't have impurities getting in its way. A clean engine air filter will ensure your car is getting a constant flow of clean air!

Why is an Orlando engine air filter replacement important?

Checking your car's engine air filter regularly and changing it when necessary can help your car's engine tremendously. This auto service is quick and easy when you visit our Toyota Service Center in Orlando. 

Ignoring this car maintenance in Orlando can have negative consequences and even land you with a hefty auto repair bill! Here are some of the things that can happen when you ignore this auto part:

  • Decreased fuel efficiency
  • Reduced performance 
  • Increased harmful emission 
  • Misfiring engine and rough idling
  • Permanent engine damage

Find out if your car needs an Orlando engine air filter replacement

When should I change this auto part?

An engine air filter typically needs to be changed every 12,000-15,000 miles. However, the intervals in which you need this auto service in Orlando vary depending on your driving habits. For example, if you drive on dirt roads, you may need to change this auto part more often than if you drive on paved roads.

The best way to know when it's time for a replacement filter is by inspecting this auto part. You can do this yourself or just bring your car to our Toyota Service Center in Orlando and let our auto service professionals take a look. A new engine air filter is usually an off-white color. If yours is dark with debris in it, it's time to replace this auto part.

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There are also symptoms that you can look out for that could mean it's time for a replacement.

  • When your car's engine isn't getting enough air, it has to work harder to function. You might notice that you have a hard time starting your car and it has rough idling. 
  • You might also notice a loss of performance, including delayed acceleration and reduced horsepower. This means it's time for Orlando car maintenance!
  • Like we mentioned before, a dirty filter can reduce the fuel efficiency of your car. In fact, it can reduce fuel economy by up to 30 percent! If you notice your car's mpg go down, have this auto part checked out.

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