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If your vehicle has power windows, you know just how convenient they are - until they stop working! If you've ever had a faulty window, you know how inconvenient it can be! We use our vehicle's windows more often than we like to think. When your car windows are busted, your commute can become slightly annoying!

It's frustrating when you get have to get a car window repair in Orlando, but we can make it easy! We sat down with our Toyota Service techs to figure out why your car may need this auto service.

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How do car power windows work?

Before we go into deciphering why you may need car window repair in Orlando, you should know how car power windows work. There are different car parts that allow your windows to work effortlessly and efficiently each time you're in need of fresh air! Here are the different components of car power windows:
  • Lifting mechanism: This Orlando car part can be considered the heart of your car's power windows. This mechanism uses a small electric motor that is attached to gears, which gives off enough torque to lift the window. The motor turns the gears, which is what allows the window to come up or go down easily. If this mechanism is busted, you'll need Orlando car window repair ASAP!
  • Wires and switches: Car power windows get their power to function through wires and switches. Most car power windows work through a basic system that is made up of a circuit breaker. Power then goes through the window-switch control panel (on the driver's side), which lets you control the four different windows on your ride. If the system falters, you'll have to bring your ride to our auto service center to get car window repair in Orlando!

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Decipher why you're in need of car window repair in Orlando

While car windows systems are pretty simple, there are three different reasons why you might need car window repair in Orlando. Power windows have three different main points of failure that might cause the window to stop working. Here are some basic problems that lead you to needing car window repair in Orlando:

  • Window doesn't work with no budging and no sound: If you want to lower your car window and it doesn't budge, it probably means that you have a bad switch, bad window motor, or faulty wiring. It's best to bring your ride to our auto service center in Orlando to get car window repair done, since our techs would have to go into the car's panel to check for faulty car parts. If you were to try to get into the panel yourself, you might scratch or damage the door panel (which can lead to pricey auto body repair). It's just best to leave Orlando car window repair to our techs!

  • Window doesn't move, but you hear the motor whirring: If you hear a sound coming from the window, it means that the motor is fine. The problem is most likely a broken lifting mechanism! If the mechanism is rusty, jammed or broken, the window won't go up. This means you'll have to bring in your ride to get necessary car window repair in Orlando. Some windows might even use a plastic chain or strip to lower and raise your car window. If the chain or strip or broken, you'll hear the motor whirring, but no window action. Our techs will then need to go inside the panel and perform car window repair.

  • None of the windows work: If all of your windows are on the fritz, chances are that a fuse in the power window circuit is blown. It could also mean there is a flaw in the wiring circuit of the car window. If you're not sure about the mechanics of car windows, it might be best to leave car window repair in Orlando to our professionals!

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