Auto service tips: How to take care of your car's spark plugs

Do you know what the spark plugs in your car do? These auto parts may be small, but they serve a big purpose! This is why it's important to keep up with the Orlando car maintenance they need.

Get the information you need to know about spark plugs!

If you're not sure how to take care of your spark plugs, you can count on the professionals at our Toyota Service Center in Orlando. We're sharing everything you need to know about this part of your car and how you can determine when it's time to get them replaced.

Spark plugs

What do spark plugs do?

Like we said, spark plugs are important for the function of your car! Without them, you wouldn't be able to start your car! 

  • Spark plugs are small devices that are located in your car's engine. They conduct high-voltage electricity to create a spark that ignites the gas and air mixture in the engine and starts your car. 
  • They also create a continuous ignition in the combustion chamber, which helps keep your car going after the initial start. 

How often should you replace them?

Spark plugs don't require a ton of upkeep, as they can go for many years or miles without any issues. 

  • These auto parts typically need to be replaced every 30,000 miles. However, the interval in which your car needs this auto service in Orlando can vary. Check your owner's manual to find out when your car needs replacements!
  • Although you may not need to replace these auto parts often, it's important to have them checked regularly when visiting our Orlando auto service center. 

What are the benefits of replacing this auto part?

Taking care of this part of your car with auto service in Orlando can offer you a ton of benefits, including:

  • Enhanced fuel economy: Did you know that misfiring spark plugs can cause your car's fuel economy to decrease by 30 percent? Keeping up with the Orlando auto service these auto parts need can help you maintain maximum fuel efficiency! 
  • Easy start: Like we said, car part gives your engine the spark it needs to get started. Getting an Orlando spark plug replacement will help your car start off on the right foot every time you turn the key!
  • Smooth performance: These auto parts are also in charge of maintaining performance once you're on the road. By keeping up with the auto service it needs, you can count on a fully functioning combustion system!

Orlando auto service

When is it time to replace these auto parts?

There are a number of symptoms that may mean it's time to get an Orlando spark plug replacement, including:

  • Poor fuel economy: Like we said, it can drastically reduce your car's fuel efficiency when these auto parts go bad!
  • Vehicle is hard to start: If your car is having trouble starting or jerks around when it does start, it's time to bring it to our Orlando Toyota Service Center!
  • Your engine misfires: If your engine isn't running smoothly and your car stalls, it means that the spark plugs are misfiring.
    It's hard to accelerate: You might also notice that your car isn't responding as quickly when hitting the gas pedal. 
  • Rough idling: You might also notice that your car is shaking or making a rough sound when your car is stationary - don't ignore this sign take care of the Orlando auto service it needs right away!

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