Our Orlando auto service shares a car exhaust smoke guide

Have you ever taken a look at your car exhaust only to realize that the smoke coming out of it is strange? Most of the time, car exhaust smoke coming out of your vehicle is invisible; however, there are times in which the smoke comes out in different colors. As you can imagine, this is a sign that your car is in need of auto service in Orlando. However, the color of the smoke coming out of your car exhaust is very indicative of the type of car maintenance your ride needs. 

We sat down with the techs at our Orlando Toyota Service Center to figure out what the different colors of smoke coming out of your car exhaust mean and what type of Orlando auto service you'll need to fix it!

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Our Orlando auto service center shares a car exhaust guide

When you think of car exhaust smoke, you tend to think of those dark plumes of smoke that come out of tractor trailers. While you'd be technically correct, the smoke from the car exhaust isn't supposed to have a color at all. When the smoke is invisible, it means that everything is going well in your ride! When the exhaust is visible, it means that your car is in distress and it needs Orlando car maintenance

Blue or gray exhaust

When your vehicle is expelling blue car exhaust smoke, it means oil is being burned in the engine's combustion chamber. If your engine is burning enough oil to produce a visible smoke, it means that your oil levels will quickly deplete and you'll need Orlando oil changes on a constant basis! This is extremely dangerous and can lead to costly auto repairs if ignored. It can potentially ruin your car's spark plugs, which you would then need to replace. As soon as you see this color car exhaust smoke, visit us at our Orlando Toyota Service Center to get your ride in tip-top shape!

Black exhaust 

If your car is expelling dark and sooty exhaust, it means that it's burning too much fuel. This is normal if it happens before the engine heats up, since they run inefficiently when they're cold (and in turn, using too much fuel). If the car exhaust continues to expel out black smoke even after the engine has warmed up, it might be best to bring it to our Orlando auto service center to get it checked out! Chances are that a clogged or dirty air filter is what's making your car exhaust's smoke to come out in a dark hue. If your car air filter is OK, other culprits could be a faulty sensor or a clogged fuel injector. Like we said, bring it to our Toyota Service Center to get any Orlando car maintenance done before the problem worsens!

Thick white smoke

If you're driving down the road and you notice that the smoke from the car exhaust is thick and white, immediately pull over, call a tow truck, and visit our Orlando Toyota Service Center! Billowing white smoke almost always is an indicator that you're having some serious engine problems. If you continue driving your car when it's expelling this type of exhaust, you can cause your engine to overheat and suffer irreparable damage. The cause of this smoke is caused by the engine burning coolant. This exhaust can also be the result of a blown head gasket or a broken cylinder head. Even the smallest leak can lower the coolant's levels. If the coolant leaks to the engine's oil reservoir, it can cause tons of problems. Trust us on this one - call a tow truck and head to our Orlando auto service center ASAP to get your ride fixed!

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