Know your car's brake system parts!

As drivers, we heavily rely on our car brakes to get us to a complete and safe stop. In order to keep your car in tip-top shape and keep you safe behind the wheel, our Orlando auto service center highly recommends getting it routinely checked.  Our expert technicians explain that there are many moving parts within your car brake system, but do you know what they are and how they function? Our Orlando Toyota Service team wants to break down and explain some of the most important parts of your car brake system! 

Our Orlando Toyota Service center explains the parts of a car brake system!

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You may be familiar with a couple of your car brake parts, such as the brake pads and the brake pedal. However, there's so much more that makes up the car brake system! Our auto service center in Orlando wants you to better understand the car brake parts so you'll understand the importance of maintaining the system. 

Brake fluid and reservoir 

The brake fluid is typically a green or orange tint and it's kept in the brake reservoir. Once you step on the brake pedal, the fluid is released and it's what creates the pressure to make your car stop. That's why our Orlando auto service center recommends getting your car brake fluids checked frequently! If you don't have enough fluid or if there's a leak, you run the risk of brake failure in Orlando! 

Master cylinder 

The brake reservoir is located inside the master cylinder. The master cylinder is located under the hood of your car. When you step on the brake pedal you activate the master cylinder to pump the brake fluid from the reservoir and into the lines to initiate the stop! 

Brake lines and hoses 

Once the brake fluid is pumped from the reservoir it travels through metal tubing, or the car brake lines. The brake hoses then connect the brake lines on to the car's chassis with the calipers. 

Brake caliper 

The brake caliper is a steel piece that is fixed onto the brake rotors that holds the brake piston, rotor, and brake pads. Keeping it in shape is very important! If you feel your car pulling when braking or feel that it's taking too long to stop, you should get it checked at our Orlando auto service center. 

Brake piston and rotor

Once the car brake fluid reaches the caliper it activates the brake piston. The brake piston is a round rod that extends to push the brake pads onto the brake rotors. The car brake rotors are the steel discs in your wheel.  

Brake pads

The brake pads are metal plates that grip the brake rotors to allow your car to come to a complete stop. Over time the brake pads wear out! That's why our Orlando Toyota service team checks the condition of your brake pads and if they need replacing. 

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