Brake failure: how to spot it, and how to react in your Orlando Toyota!

Have you ever experienced brake failure in your car? It can be a truly scary experience, and it's very dangerous to you, your passengers, and other drivers on the road! Our Orlando Toyota Service Center is here to run you through the signs that brake failure could be headed your way, as well as how to handle it when it happens. Our Toyota Service techs in Orlando have all the tips you need and can get you in for brake service today!

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How can you tell if brake failure is coming? 

The first step to effectively handling brake failure in your car is to know how to spot the signs that it's about to happen. Here are the most common indicators according to our Toyota Service Center in Orlando! 

  • Your brakes feel spongy or mushy when you press down on them, or you feel like they're pulsating when you hit them
  • You have to push harder on the brakes to get the same stopping effect that you used to have
  • You hear squealing, grinding, or clicking noises when you hit the brakes - while this could mean you need Orlando brake service or a brake pads replacement, it can also be a sign of imminent brake failure!
  • Your car is pulling to one side of the road. You may just need a wheel alignment, but better safe than sorry!
  • You see your ABS light come on in the dash! 

What causes brake failure? According to our Orlando Toyota service techs, it's most commonly caused by: 

  • An oil leak that's getting grease or oil on your brakes
  • Brakes that are severely overheated (causing "hot spots" on the rotors that resist the stopping power from the brake pads)
  • Brake pads that are worn too thin to effectively function

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Handle brake failure with Orlando Toyota Service tips 

So, how do you handle brake failure? If you see any of these signs, get your car into our Orlando Toyota Service Center ASAP to have it looked at. Here's how to deal if brake failure occurs when you're out on the road: 

  • Hit those brakes hard - stomp the pedal to the floor to see if you have any stopping power, and pump the brakes to try and restore pressure to them!
  • If you have a manual car, shift into a lower gear to slow your vehicle. If you have an automatic, take your foot off the gas to reduce speed. In both cases, remember to pay attention to the road and steer in a safe direction!
  • You can pull your emergency brake to stop, but don't yank it up hard. You should slowly and evenly apply the emergency brake to avoid skidding out or at high speeds, flipping over!
  • If you have empty space on the road, steer from side to side (in an "S" shape) - the turns will create more friction and help slow you. But ONLY do this at LOW speeds.
  • Be sure to alert other drivers! Flash your lights and honk your horn to let them know to get out of your way and avoid a collision. 

Want more tips, or need to schedule Orlando brake service at our Toyota Service Center? Call us at (866) 945-0493 today! 


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