Orlando Toyota tips for using four-wheel drive

If you've just come into possession of a vehicle with four-wheel drive capabilities, get ready for some serious adventures. These Orlando Toyota vehicles lend you a whole new realm of possibility with their off-road capabilities, letting you take things off the pavement with ease. However, do you really know HOW to use four-wheel drive? Toyota of Orlando is here to explain this useful feature and when to put it into play.

four-wheel drive tips

What is four-wheel drive?

For starters, what is four-wheel drive? This capability allows your vehicle to take power from the transmission and provide it to all four wheels of your vehicle. This means you'll have better handling and traction on uneven surfaces because each wheel has torque.

Your Orlando Toyota may have automatic four-wheel drive capabilities, or it may have Low and High range settings. Here are the main differences:

Automatic four-wheel drive lets you "set it and forget it" - basically, your car keeps an eye on all four-wheels when you're driving. If it feels like one of your wheels is slipping or losing traction, it shifts into this mode to up torque to that wheel. You can have either part-time or full-time modes in the automatic configuration.

High-range four-wheel drive lets you travel at normal speeds in your Orlando Toyota; it's best utilized in situations where you need a little extra traction to stick to the road. It's good for slippery conditions like snow, ice, and rain, as well as gravel, sand, and mud.

Low-range four-wheel drive is better for serious off-roading conditions like running water, loose sand, thick snow and mud, climbing hills, and rocky terrain. It's best utilized at low speeds for maximum handling capabilities.

When should you use this feature on your Orlando Toyota?

Toyota of Orlando tips

So when should you use four-wheel drive? Here are some Toyota of Orlando tips for putting this fun feature into use:

  • In slippery situations - if you're driving in the rain or taking on winter weather conditions, this feature can ensure that you get a little extra grip on the road.
  • In sand - sand shifts easily, so depending on the depth and firmness, use this feature to give each wheel enough grab to handle the terrain.
  • In mud or snow - this feature can help power you through sticky or slippery conditions that otherwise would find you stuck in one place.
  • On uneven or rocky terrain - this feature can ensure your Orlando Toyota safely makes it over uneven surfaces.

One key thing to remember is that you shouldn't use four-wheel drive of ANY kind when you're driving on flat, dry roads that are even and smooth. This can actually damage your ride!

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