Toyota of Orlando has the most fuel efficient cars around!

Gas prices aren't what they used to be, there's no denying it. Fueling up your new Toyota in Orlando can be an unpleasant action, since you'll be leaving your hard-earned money at the pump! Nowadays, consumers flock to fuel efficient cars because these vehicles will help them save money where it counts. Our Toyota dealership proudly offers some of the most fuel efficient cars in Orlando. 

No matter what your needs are, you'll be able to find a fuel efficient ride at our Toyota dealership! After all, Toyota was recently named "Most Fuel-Efficient Full-Line Automotive Manufacturer" by the NHTSA!  Let's take a look at the most fuel efficient cars we have available at Toyota of Orlando.

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Fuel efficient cars in Orlando help you save at the pump

When people think of fuel efficient cars, they probably think of our new Toyota hybrids in Orlando. While they are technically correct, there are more wallet-friendly options without having to join the green movement. Many of our new Toyota in Orlando are kind to your pocket at the pump and they aren't hybrids! Let's take a look at our most fuel efficient cars available on our lots:

2015 Toyota Yaris 

When people think of this small but mighty Orlando Toyota, they think of its compact size. While this is a fair thought, people should also think this ride is extremely fuel efficient! You can expect it to give you 30 mpg in the city and 37 mpg on the highway! In 2014, this new Toyota was IntelliChoice's Lowest Operating Costs winner and SmartChoice's Ownership Costs winner. If you choose this Orlando Toyota as your next ride, you can expect to save money by owning it!

2015 Toyota Corolla 

The world's best-selling vehicle also happens to be one of those most fuel efficient cars in Orlando! This fan-favorite gives drivers 28 mpg in the city and 37 mpg on the highway. The fact that it's so fuel-efficient makes it a perfect vehicle for teens and first time drivers! IntelliChoice has also mentioned that this Toyota as one of the vehicles with "Best Retained Value"! You'll absolutely love driving around town in this member of our most fuel efficient cars!

2015 Toyota Tacoma 

You wouldn't think that a Toyota truck is fuel efficient, but the Toyota Tacoma is the most fuel-efficient truck in the market! You don't have to sacrifice your needs for a tough ride in order to save money at the pump. The Toyota Tacoma in Orlando gets up to 21 mpg in the city and 25 mpg on the highway, which means that you'll have to stop less for gas if you choose this Toyota truck!

Orlando Toyota hybrids

Orlando Toyota Prius family has some of the most fuel efficient cars

Since we're talking about the most fuel efficient cars in Orlando, we have to mention the wonderful Toyota Prius family! These hybrid vehicles happen to be some of the greenest cars on the market, as well as some of the best vehicle when it comes to conserving fuel. Let's take a look at what this family of hybrid cars has to offer:

  • Toyota Prius: This Toyota is the king of all hybrid cars, as it was one of the first green cars on the market. This ride gets up to 51 mpg in the city and 48 mpg on the highway, making it one of the most fuel efficient cars in its class.
  • Toyota Prius c: This Toyota hybrid is the smallest vehicle in the family and gets even more mpg than the original Toyota Prius. You'll get a whopping 53 mpg in the city and 46 mpg on the highway. You can thank the Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive for this incredible fuel efficiency!
  • Toyota Prius v: The largest member of this hybrid car family, this ride provides tons of space AND fuel efficiency. You can expect to get up to 40 mpg in the city and 44 mpg on the highway-it's no wonder it's one of the most fuel efficient cars! 

Come on down to our Toyota dealership to check out some of the most fuel efficient cars in Orlando! We're located at 3575 Vineland Road and can be reached at 888-725-3520.

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