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Here at our Orlando Toyota dealership, we've got a huge selection of new Toyota for sale. You can come down and scout all of our best-selling models, and take any and all of them out for a test drive to see which one will look the best in your driveway! However, Toyota has been around for a LONG time - have you ever taken a look back at the history of some of its most popular cars? Go back in time with rides like the iconic Orlando Toyota Camry and well-loved Toyota Corolla? you'll understand why these cars have become worldwide bestsellers in no time!

Toyota Motor Company 
Toyota has a rich and interesting history that is worth knowing. Toyota of Orlando is taking you back in time with the history of the Toyota Motor Company!

New Toyota names defined
Have you ever wondered what's the meaning behind the name of your new Toyota? Find out the different meanings behind some of the cars! 

Toyota Camry 
Go back in time with the best-selling car in America - the Toyota Camry has been around for quite some time and continues to be one of the most popular Toyota options on our lot! See where it all began!

Toyota Tundra
Go back in time with one of the most durable Toyota options around - take a look at the history of the Toyota Tundra and see where it all began!

Toyota Avalon
The Toyota Avalon has been known to be a completely dependable ride for over 20 years! Check out the exhilarating history of the Toyota Avalon!

Toyota Corolla
If you want sporty style, major reliability, and an affordable price tag, why not choose the iconic Toyota Corolla? It's been a popular ride for decades - see where it got its start and how it got to be so well-loved today!

If you want a rugged SUV that will lead you to unforgettable off-roading adventures, why not choose the burly Toyota 4Runner? It's been around for quite some time-- see where it all began!

Toyota Supra
The iconic Toyota Supra may not be part of the Toyota lineup anymore, but that doesn't mean we can't learn how it came to be! Go back in time with the Orlando Toyota Supra!

Toyota Celica
The iconic Toyota Celica may not be up for grabs anymore, but that doesn't mean we can reminisce and hope for a future model! See what made this sports car such a stand-out option during its life!

Toyota Echo
Do you know the past of the fuel-efficient and fun Toyota Echo? We've got the scoop on this popular Orlando Toyota car! 

Toyota Prius
The new Toyota Prius didn't start out as the most popular hybrid in the world, but it easily achieved that feat! Go back in time to see where this unbelievable hybrid got its start and ride along during its rise to the #1 spot!

Toyota Tacoma
The durable and versatile Toyota Tacoma has been a go-to choice for drivers who want an adaptable driving experience for years - take a closer look at this popular truck and where it got its start!

Toyota RAV4
Delve into the history of this best-selling Toyota SUV - we're going back in time with the ever-popular Toyota RAV4!

Toyota Land Cruiser
The Toyota Land Cruiser may be an icon of luxury and sophistication now, but did you know it was originally developed for rugged performance capabilities and off-road handling? Go back to where it all began!

Scion FR-S
Do you know the heritage of the Scion FR-S? Find out more about its beginnings and how it became what it is today!

Toyota Solara
Did you know that a coupe version of the Toyota Camry once existed, as well as an open-top coupe? Go back and explore the history of the popular Toyota Solara with our Toyota dealership!

Orlando Toyota offer exceptional quality and reliability 

Here at Toyota of Orlando, we're extremely proud to offer such an innovative, reliable, and affordable product! New Toyota vehicles are known for their longevity and reliable performance; after all, Toyota has had decades to further perfect their revolutionary technology. When you purchase an Orlando Toyota, you can rest assured that you're getting an incredible ride that's going to have a long life! After all, the company was founded in 1937 and has only grown in volume and quality since then! 

We're not the only ones who think our new Toyota in Orlando are the best choices around when it comes to automotive makes. Here are some of the awards that Toyota has garnered in the past year or so: 

  • 2014 Best Resale Value Award from KBB.com 
  • Greatest Durability of Full-Line Automotive Manufacturers from Polk.com
  • Longest Lasting Vehicles of any Full-Line Automotive Manufacturers from Polk.com
  • First automotive brand to offer a no-cost maintenance plan
  • Most Fuel-Efficient Full-Line Automotive Manufacturer from Polk.com

Plus, over 80% of all Toyota models sold over the past 20 years are STILL being driven - talk about longevity!

Orlando Toyota dealer

Toyota is also known for their innovation when it comes to technology; they do extensive safety research for their new Toyota vehicles (as evidenced by the Toyota Star Safety System, which is a set of six carefully crafted safety technologies that work both independently and in conjunction with one another). They even have an institute in Ann Arbor, MI that is devoted to safety research and development! 

They're also known for their hybrid technology developments - after all, they created the Orlando Toyota Prius, which was the first hybrid car on the market and is now the best-selling hybrid car on the entire planet. Almost 75% of all hybrid cars in the US market are Toyota, and the Toyota Prius is sold in over 70 countries?. Obviously, they're doing something right! 

Technology isn't the only place where this company excels, though. They've built a reputation on their new Toyota options - one of durability, dependability, longevity, stability, and efficiency. 

Why not see if a new Toyota is the right fit for all of your drive time needs? You can explore all of them in person today - just swing by our Toyota dealership in Central Florida at 3575 Vineland Road, or give us a call at (888) 725-3520 to schedule your appointment and learn more about our new Toyota s

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