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When driving in different areas, you must accommodate your driving abilities to ensure you're practicing safe driving. You're accustomed to driving through a certain type of topography and once the scenery changes, your driving must change as well. It's best to become familiar with driving habits before you encounter an unfamiliar route. Our Orlando Toyota dealership's top priority is the safety of our drivers. That's why our team wants to share some tips on safe driving in different topography to help you get around while in an unknown area. 

Toyota of Orlando's safe driving tips through different topography 

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If you're leaving your comfort zone to drive in a mountainous area, get ready! Driving in the mountains is much more challenging and riskier. Not only are the roads full of twists and turns, you also face different types of weather conditions due to the altitude. Before you begin your venture in your Orlando Toyota through the mountainous range, check out the safe driving tips and techniques. 

  • Lower gear - If you're driving a manual car, shift into a lower gear to keep your car from overheating. Avoid using cruise control regardless of the road conditions. 
  • Temperature gauge - If you're not driving safely, it's easy for your Orlando Toyota to overheat. Keep an eye on the temperature gauge to ensure it doesn't overheat. If you notice that the temperature is starting to rise, then turn off the air-conditioning or pull over and take a break to let the car cool off. 
  • Brakes - Maintain a low speed and pulse on the brakes; avoid pressing on them too hard or too often. Doing so can lead to a burnt or worn out brake system! 
  • Speed - The same speed you use to go up the mountain, use going down. It can be very easy to lose control of your vehicle, so monitor your speed wisely. 


Safe driving techniques for mountainous terrain! 

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Driving in the hills is pretty similar to driving in mountainous areas. However, you'll probably go up, down, and through sharp corners more often. Hold on to the steering wheel and use these Orlando Toyota safe driving tips: 

  • Road signs -They're not suggestions, they're road rules! Pay attention and abide by them. They're there to help guide you through the curves and edges of the mountain. 
  • Caution - Approach with caution when it comes to hilly areas. You never know if once you turn the corner you'll begin to ascend or descend. 
  • Fuel up - Even though your Orlando Toyota gets great gas mileage, going up and down hills can significantly impact it. Make sure you have enough gas before you begin your journey. 



You may not think that the city is difficult to drive around in, but it can be! Driving in the city can be chaotic and stressful. However, to ensure you can maneuver through it all safely use these tips from our team at Toyota of Orlando

  • Space - Before switching lanes make sure you have enough room. Cars can be crammed from bumper to bumper. Signal in advance and have enough room to switch lanes. 
  • Fuel efficiency - Drive a fuel efficient Toyota in Orlando. Traffic and constant congestion can take a significant toll on your gas mileage. 


If you need any safe driving tips and assistance prepping for your drive, call our Toyota of Orlando team at (888) 725-3520. 


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