Signs that you should retire your used car

You've been behind the wheel of that car for a while and you two have gone through so much together! You probably have stories upon stories to share about the adventures in your ride. However, there comes a time when we must part ways and move on. How do you know when it's time to retire your Orlando used car? There are a few things to look for to determine if your car is too old and it's time to part ways. 

Is your Orlando used car too old? 

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Even though you've been through so many big moments with your car, there comes a time when your Orlando used car is no longer reliable or of use. Our used car dealership in Orlando sells and buys preowned cars, but there are times in which used cars become too old or are too damaged and need to retire. So before you try to save it and spend tons of money, look for these five signs that your used car in Orlando is too old.

Cost to repair is higher than the car value 

Over time the car quickly acquires a lot of mileage, as well as wear and tear. This all affects the value to the Orlando used car. Not to mention, the wear and tear needs to be repaired. If you're constantly visiting the auto service center to get repairs they can add up! When you add up all these expenses, how much is it costing you to maintain the car? If it's more than half of the value of the car, it's time to say goodbye! 

Rusty exterior

If you can't differentiate between the car's paint and rust, then you're in trouble! Living in Central Florida, we're exposed to sandy and wet climate, and if your car isn't properly taken care of it can quickly develop rust. The rust can severely damage the structure of the car and it's not safe to drive. 

Retire your old car and get into a newer Orlando used car! 

Orlando preowned car

Terrible fuel efficiency 

Nowadays car manufacturers have significantly improved the technology used in their cars to help improve performance and fuel efficiency; that's a big deal due to the rise in gas prices. Due to the age of your Orlando used car, it's probably getting terrible fuel efficiency! If you have to fill up twice a week, you may be spending more money than needed due to the poor quality of your vehicle.

A cracked engine block 

One major repair old used cars in Orlando face is a seized or cracked engine. This causes your engine to stop working and the only way to fix it is with a completely new engine! A cheaper way to get it fixed is simply getting rid of this car and get into a newer Orlando used car

Accident damage 

Unfortunately, there are times in which we experience unwanted car accidents and your car may no longer be of use. However, your car may not be a complete loss! Depending on what the damages and conditions are, you may be able to get some money back for parts!

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