Tips to prevent hydroplaning!

As Floridians we deal with rainy weather on a regular basis! Our Orlando Toyota team reminds you that it's very important to stay focused and practice safe driving while driving in the rain. There's nothing more frightening than losing control of your car while behind the wheel! Hydroplaning happens more often than you know and our Orlando Toyota team wants to share some tips to help prevent it. 

Our Orlando Toyota Service team explains what hydroplaning is

 hydroplaning prevention tips

Hydroplaning is a terrifying experience that drivers face when they lose the ability to control and steer their car. It happens when driving on wet roads where the tires begin to ride on the standing water instead of on the road. Our Orlando auto service team explains that it can happen during heavy down pours, but it can also happen if the road is slightly damp. Hydroplaning happens more often than you think, but there are several ways in which you can drive with caution and diminish your chances of hydroplaning. Check out these tips from our team at Toyota of Orlando! 

How to prevent hydroplaning 

  • Properly maintain your tires - Visit our Orlando Toyota service center to regularly service your tires. Make sure they're in good shape. Our Certified Toyota Technicians in Orlando can inspect the thread depth, balance, alignment, and pressure of your tires. Properly maintaining these will help keep your car from hydroplaning. 
  • Avoid standing water - If you see roads that have puddles and standing water, avoid driving on them.  It only takes a little bit of water to hydroplane. 
  • Drive slowly - If the roads are wet, reduce your speed. It's recommended to drop five to ten miles slower than the speed limit when raining. If you're experiencing heavy winds you should consider slowing down even more! The faster you drive the higher the chances are of you hydroplaning
  • Don't use cruise control - You should never use cruise control when driving in wet conditions. It's tougher to regain control if you hydroplane while using cruise control. That's because you can manually decrease speed, but while using cruise control you have to shut off the system first. 
  • Avoid sudden stops - When driving on wet surfaces, avoid steeping on the brakes harshly and suddenly. Doing so increases your chances of skidding. If you can, pump on the brakes to slow down. 


Maintain your tires at our Orlando Toyota service center! 

 Orlando Toyota safe driving tips

How to regain control when hydroplaning 

  • Take your foot off of the accelerator - If you experience hydroplaning, don't freak out! Try to stay calm and immediately take your foot off of the accelerator. This will allow the car to slow down by itself. 
  • Steer into the skid - This may sound odd, but keep a firm grip on the steering wheel and steer into the direction of the skid. Don't jerk the steering wheel; it can cause the car to steer out of control. 
  • Pull over - Once you've regained control, pull over safely. Take time to calm down, ensure that everyone is alright, and that there are no damages to the car. If there are damages, have your car towed to our Orlando auto service center to get back in top-notch shape. 


Our Orlando Toyota team wants you to be safe while on the road, practice safe driving and avoid hydroplaning! Get your car inspected from bumper to bumper at our Toyota Service Center in Orlando. We're located at 3575 Vineland Road. 

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