The names of your favorite new Toyota cars defined!

For years, new Toyota cars have been a crowd favorite! There are various reasons why drivers choose to get behind the wheel of a new Toyota in Orlando. They're innovative, revolutionary, and unbelievably stylish! Every new Toyota is built with complete dedication and high quality craftsmanship, including in the decision making to name each new vehicle! Do you know the meaning behind your new Toyota? Our Orlando Toyota team is breaking down and explaining the meaning of the names of some of your favorite Toyota cars. 

Toyota of Orlando explains the meaning behind the names of the new Toyota cars 

new Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla

You probably know the new Toyota Corolla as a sporty, edgy, and fun car! That's exactly what Toyota intended to bring to mind when naming the Orlando Toyota Corolla. That's because "corolla" is the ring of petal around the central section of a flower. When Toyota named the Toyota Corolla they intended to create the image of exceptional style and an eye-catching new car!  

Toyota Camry

The Orlando Toyota Camry has been named America's best-selling car for many years! That's because this full-sized sedan is stylish, spacious, and luxurious. It only makes sense that Toyota named it the Toyota Camry! That's because the word "camry" comes from the Japanese word "kanmuri", which means crown. We all know that the new Toyota Camry definitely takes the crown! 

Toyota Prius 

The new Toyota Prius has been the leading hybrid vehicle for more than 15 years! That's because its dependable Hybrid Synergy Drive continues to impress drivers everywhere. Believe it or not, the name Toyota Prius is very fitting for this Orlando Toyota hybrid. That's because "prius" is Latin for "before", "prior" or "previous". This is very fitting, because the Toyota Prius was the first hybrid vehicles to be mass produced. 

Toyota RAV4

The new Toyota RAV4 in Orlando is known to be versatile and adaptive, yet fun and powerful! It's a great Orlando Toyota SUV for anyone that needs flexibility in their lives. Honestly, the name for the new Toyota RAV4 couldn't have been more straightforward and spot on. The Toyota RAV4 stands for Recreational Active Vehicle with 4WD.

 Orlando Toyota Prius

Get to know the meaning of your new Toyota in Orlando! 

Now, do you know where the name Toyota and its logo originate from? The original company name was the family's name, Toyoda. Over the years, in efforts to create a logo, the name was changed to Toyota. In the Japanese language, Toyota is written and spelled out with an eight-stroke count and the number eight is associated with wealth and good fortune. Not to mention, it was also more pleasant to the ear! 

The Toyota logo you're familiar with was introduced in 1989. The creative design consists of three ellipses. The inner horizontal and vertical ellipses stand for the customers' expectation from our team and then car manufacturer's manner to work with the customer. They're interlocked to symbolize unity. The outer ellipse means the potential of growth and advancements Toyota continues to strive for today!

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