Should you buy an Orlando Toyota minivan or SUV?

When it comes down to buying a new Toyota in Orlando for your family, you certainly have a lot of choices. We've got spacious sedans, sporty SUVs, eco-friendly hybrids, and even a stylish minivan ready and waiting. How do you narrow your choices down? 

Most drivers with family needs in mind typically find themselves trying to choose between an Orlando Toyota SUV and minivan. We're here to help you decide which of these options is going to best suit you and your family, as well as your very individual drive time needs! 

Is an Orlando Toyota minivan a fit for your family? 

New Toyota in Central Florida

Choosing between an Orlando Toyota minivan and a new SUV really boils down to what functions you're going to need out of your drive time. 

  • Typically, if you need a large vehicle for kids and toys and getting around town in an efficient manner, a minivan like the new Toyota Sienna is your best bet.
  • However, if you need a versatile vehicle that's family-friendly AND capable of tougher jobs like towing and taking on rougher terrain, a new Orlando Toyota SUV might be a better choice! Here's the breakdown. 

Interior space: Many drivers choose to put their family into an Orlando Toyota minivan simply because of the adaptable interior it has to offer. Minivans typically have an interior that's a bit more spacious and easy to maneuver around in, as well as customize (think comfy captain's chairs and fold-flat rows of seats). Additionally, sliding power doors on both sides of the vehicle make Orlando Toyota minivan interior space easier to access, especially when your hands are full! 

Performance: A lot of Orlando Toyota drivers want a vehicle that's dual-purpose - it can serve a family during the week, but on the weekends it's capable of taking on off-road camping adventures or hauling the boat out to the beach. If you need a new Toyota with a powerful performance and off-road performance capabilities, you should choose an SUV! (But don't forget - the Orlando Toyota Sienna also comes in all-wheel drive for bad weather!)

Orlando Toyota SUVs

See if a new Toyota SUV is the solution for your drive time needs! 

Fuel efficiency: If you need a lot of space but don't want to compromise on fuel efficiency, shoot for an Orlando Toyota minivan. Minivans typically get better fuel economy than SUVs due to their car-like performance abilities, so you don't have to sacrifice your fuel budget just to get a roomy vehicle. 

Style: Some people just can't get past the "style" aspect of their new Toyota, and we get it - some drivers don't want a minivan simply because it's a minivan. The Toyota Sienna offers a lot of stylish elements like fog lights, a rear spoiler, a leather interior and more, but if you can't handle the minivan appearance, shoot for one of our sporty new Orlando Toyota SUVs. You'll get a spacious interior and kid-friendly atmosphere but still have a stylish silhouette on your side! 

Why not test things out in person first, before you settle on one or the other? Visit us today at 3575 Vineland Road, just off I-4 near the Millenia Mall! 


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