Toyota of Orlando's tips on how to park a car!

We all know that driving your Orlando Toyota can take a lot of focus, concentration, and skill to make it safely and efficiently from point A to point B. However, what you do when you reach your destination is just as important! Do you know how to park a car safely to avoid damage from other vehicles and ensure you're in the best position? We've got tips for you - Toyota of Orlando is sharing their best tidbits of info when it comes to how to park a car! 

Learn how to park a car like a pro! 

Toyota of Orlando parking tips

First things first: there are three different types of spaces to consider when you're plotting how to park a car. You can leave your Orlando Toyota in the following types of parking spaces: 

  • Perpendicular parking
  • Angle parking
  • Parallel parking (by far the most challenging)

We've got tips for all three types, as well as some info regarding how to park a car on a hill! Let's get started! 

Perpendicular parking is one of the most common spots you'll find when you take your Toyota in Orlando out for a spin. Here are some tips for parking in these spots: 

  • Be sure to use your blinker and leave yourself plenty of space to turn into the spot - this is a bit more challenging than an angle parking spot, since it's a hard turn. Slow down, too!
  • Turn your wheel sharply to bring your car into the spot, and make sure you pay close attention to the front fenders of your new Toyota in Orlando so you avoid hitting surrounding cars! 
  • Make sure your car is centered in the space and you're not blocking anyone around you from entering or exiting your car. You may need to back up and center yourself more! 

Angle parking is one of the easiest ways to park your Orlando Toyota. Here are some tips for parking your ride in these types of parking spots: 

  • Slow down before you reach the spot - give yourself about ten feet - and use your blinker to indicate where you're going to turn. You should also be sure to take a look around, including your blind spots, to ensure you're not going to hit a pedestrian or another car! 
  • You should start your turn into the spot when you can see the middle of the space and your view isn't interrupted by the painted lines. Turn your wheel to ease into the spot, and be sure to straighten your wheels before you put the car into park. 

Toyota of Orlando shares tips on how to park a car in a parallel parking spot! 

How to park a car

Parallel parking
is by far the most difficult way to park your Orlando Toyota, and many drivers wonder HOW to park a car in a parallel spot. Here are our pointers: 

  • Pull up to the car that will be in front of your Orlando Toyota and line up the back bumpers. Check behind you before reversing with your wheel turned sharply towards the curb. 
  • Once your back bumper is about 45 degrees to the curb, slowly and carefully straighten your car out while still reversing. Be sure to keep an eye on the car behind you! Once in place, you may need to pull forward to straighten your car further. Make sure your wheels are straight before you put your Orlando Toyota in park! 

Have more questions about how to park a car safely and efficiently? We can help - our sales associates are pros when it comes to how to park a car and can give you helpful pointers? give us a call today! You can reach us at (888) 725-3520! 

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