Toyota of Orlando gives tips for common car emergencies!

Emergencies happen, and sometimes they're inescapable. However, since you don't have a crystal ball to see the future (if you do, we want it), the best way to handle emergencies when you're out on the road is to prepare yourself ahead of time! That's where we come in. Our Orlando Toyota dealership is going over some of the most common car emergencies and giving you advice on how to handle them so you're ready should the worst happen! 

Toyota of Orlando helps you prep for car emergencies! 

Brake Failure: If the brakes in your new Toyota in Orlando fail - which is a very rare occurrence - try not to panic. Take your foot off of the gas and shift into a lower gear if you drive a manual; you should then pull the emergency brake and steer to the side of the road to avoid hitting other drivers.

Getting locked in your car: If a child or pet becomes trapped in your car, don't delay - rising temperatures can cause organ failure or death in a short amount of time.  A lot of new Toyota that we offer at our Orlando Toyota dealership have Safety Connect Services but if you can't access them, don't hesitate to smash the window (but pick the one that's the furthest away from whomever you're trying to free).

Orlando Toyota safety tips

Water: If you find yourself in water and sinking fast, don't hesitate - you may only have a matter of minutes before your new Toyota sinks completely. If you can open a window or sunroof to climb out, pushing children and smaller passengers out first - you may have to smash the window (keeping a hammer or tool under your seat is a good idea in this instance). If you're already submerged and can't open your door because of water pressure, wait until the car is filled with water and the pressure has equalized to push the door open. You can breathe from the air pockets at the top of the car until you're able to open the door!

Car fire: Pull over to the side of the road immediately if you smell or see smoke and evacuate your new Toyota in Orlando at once - get all of your passengers out, and move everyone a safe distance away from the car. NEVER try to put out the fire by yourself - you never know when the fuel tank will ignite and cause an explosion! Call 911 immediately! 

New Toyota driving tips

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Tire blowout:
If you hear a loud bang and your car starts to pull to one side, you may have just experienced a tire blowout in your Orlando Toyota. Take your foot off of the gas but don't hit the brakes; instead, try to steer to the side of the road and find a safe place to pull over before putting your hazard lights on.

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Electrical storm: Obviously you'd prefer to be inside a sturdy building during an electrical storm, but if you do get stuck inside your Toyota in Orlando, try to keep clear of any metal parts of the car. Pull off the road, but be sure not to park under trees or anything else that may attract lightning. 

Skidding out: Even though all of our new Toyota in Orlando are equipped with the Star Safety System and features that help prevent skidding and loss of control, it can still happen in bad weather or during a collision. If you feel your car starting to slide into a skid, immediately take your foot off of the gas and avoid hitting the brake. Instead, steer into the skid? if your rear wheels are sliding to the left, steer to the left. This should help you regain control! 

Obstructive fog:
Have you ever been driving down the road and found yourself in a thick patch of fog? In this instance, turn on your headlights and windshield wipers so you have better visibility, and cut down your speed. You may also want to turn off your radio and open your windows so you can hear other cars, and be sure to use the center line as a guide for staying in your lane. If your vision is too obstructed, pull over until the fog clears! 

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