Tips on how to sell your car!

Do you want to sell your car and get into a new ride? Selling your car isn't as easy as it may seem. We wish it was as simple as handing over the keys and signing a check, but it's not. Don't worry! Toyota of Orlando wants help make the process easier and get you what you deserve for your ride! Check out these tips on how to sell your car from our Toyota dealership team in Orlando!

sell your car at Toyota of Orlando

How to Sell a Car
Are you looking to get rid of your old car so you can buy a new one? We're sharing tips on how to quickly and easily sell your car!
We Buy Cars for Cash
At Toyota of Orlando we offer cash for your old car! Get top value for your trade-in at our new Toyota dealership.
New Toyota Resale Value
Do you know what factors affect resale value? We're explaining resale value and how our new Toyota cars are great at holding it!
Selling vs Trade In
Should you sell your car yourself, or bring it to our used car dealership for a trade in?
How to prep your car for trade-in or sale
You're ready to hand over your used car and get into a new Toyota... but what steps should you take to prep your old ride for trade-in or sale? We've got answers to help you get top-dollar!
Five reasons why it's time to trade in your used car
If you're not sure when you should get rid of your current ride, check out out these top five reasons 
What is resale value? 
What is resale value, and how should it affect your decision when it comes to your new ride? Find out which new Toyota have the highest resale value and which features can give you more bang for your buck!
Is it time to retire your used car?
Look for these signs to determine if it's time to kiss your car goodbye and get into a new one! 

Sell your car using these hassle-free tips from Toyota of Orlando! 

What's the true value?

Before you put your car on the market you need know how much your vehicle is worth! There are many factors that come into play to determine the price of your car. Some of these factors include what the model, make, year and condition of your car are. 

How do you want to sell your car? 

Have you considered how you want to sell it? You can sell it as a private seller, to a new owner. You can also sell your car to a dealership and not worry about all the paperwork. You should determine what's best for you. 

There are multiple reasons why selling your car to a dealership can be beneficial! You can trade it in and get into a new car! At Toyota of Orlando we want to pay you TOP DOLLAR CASH for you current ride! We want to make sure you get a GREAT deal for it! When you come into our dealership, one of our appraisers can inspect your ride to determine the right price! That's even if you don't buy your next new ride from us. 

If you want to get top dollar cash on the spot for you current ride, come to Toyota of Orlando at 3575 Vineland Road!

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