Know the ins and outs of your Orlando Toyota’s performance!

When it comes to your Orlando Toyota, you probably know the basics - how to get behind the wheel and get things up and running, as well as how to work MOST of the gadgets in the cabin. However, do you know the ins and outs of performance and the capabilities that your car has? Our Orlando Toyota dealership is here to educate you about anything and everything that has to do with your ride and its drive time… and our sales specialists are always available to chat if you have questions!

Orlando Toyota performance

Automatic vs Manual 
Should your new Toyota in Orlando be manual or automatic? We're taking a look at the benefits of both to help you better decide which one will suit your drive time preferences!
All Wheel Drive Cars
Is an all wheel drive car the right ride for you? Toyota of Orlando has the info you need to make the decision! 
Now that you've got your new Toyota equipped for towing, you have to learn how to tow! Toyota of Orlando has got some tips that will help you with your next towing adventure!
What is suspension? 
What is the suspension in your new Toyota, and why is it so important to your car's performance? Take a closer look at this extremely important component in your drive time comfort!
Tips for Off-Roading
Thinking about taking your new Toyota off the beaten path? Check out our tips for off-roading, and learn which of our Toyota options is best suited for the job!
How to Ship a Car
You're ready to move cross-country but you don't want to tack on extra mileage on your car. Do you know how to properly ship a car? Toyota of Orlando is breaking down the steps - check them out!
Understand Towing
Which new Toyota fits your towing needs, and how do you figure that out? Toyota of Orlando is here to help you define and meet all of your towing performance needs!
Front-Wheel Drive vs Rear-Wheel Drive
Should you choose a front-wheel drive for your next Toyota in Orlando, or does a rear-wheel drive car better suit your needs? We're taking a look at both to help you decide!
Horsepower vs Torque
What are horsepower and torque, and how does each affect your driving experience? We're here to help you understand these components of performance so you can choose a new Toyota with ease!
Prep your car for long-term storage
Use our Orlando Toyota tips to keep your car in tip-top shape for long-term storage 
How to use cruise control
Using cruise control isn't as simple as it seems - get the scoop on this technology and find out when it's safe to use it, as well as when you should avoid it!
Understand Towing
Which new Toyota fits your towing needs, and how do you figure that out? Toyota of Orlando is here to help you define and meet all of your towing performance needs!

Know your Orlando Toyota from bumper to bumper

Do you know how things work when it comes to the performance of your new Orlando Toyota? Whether you're trying to tow or simply trying to decide between all-wheel drive and four-wheel drive, knowing the basics can make both purchasing AND owning a new Toyota easier than ever. We're here to help! 

  • Our sales specialists can help you decide the exact characteristics that you need in a car to make it the perfect ride for you! 
  • Our Toyota Parts department can boost your performance with affordable Toyota, Scion, and aftermarket parts and accessories! 
  • Our Toyota Service Center can ensure your ride has all the tools you need to have a safe and reliable drive time AND keep resale value high. 

Luckily for you, we offer a wide selection of vehicles that can encompass your drive time needs AND a knowledgeable team who are here seven days a week to make it happen.  

Come on down and find your dream car - we've got the knowledge and we're ready to share it. Learn the ins and outs about the performance of your new Orlando Toyota and hit the road today! We're just off I-4 near the Millenia Mall at 3575 Vineland Road! 


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