Tips on how to choose a color for a car paint job!

After years and thousands of miles, your car tends to start to look run down. Whether there is sun damage, scratches or dents, eventually your car's paint job just isn't what it used to be. You can improve the appearance of it by tenfold when you give it a new car paint job! An Orlando car paint job is a great way to revamp the appearance of your car, but how do you decide what color to paint it? We're sharing tips and advice on how to decide what color to choose for your car paint job in Orlando!

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There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the color for your Orlando car paint job. You should take into account safety, resale value and maintenance!

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Studies and experiments have been performed to determine what color car is the safest. While the studies haven't been proved completely, scientists have theorized that white is the safest car color to have. The theory behind white being the safest color is that it is easier to see during the day as well as at night. Studies have shown that you are 12 percent less likely to be in a crash while driving a white vehicle compared to a black vehicle.

Car theft is another possibility to take into consideration before you bring your car into our Orlando body shop for a car paint job. Burglars and car thieves tend to steal cars that are less unique looking. For less chance of your car being stolen, you may want to avoid mainstream colors. If you want a mainstream color, choose a good anti-theft system from our parts store!

Resale Value

Another important aspect of an Orlando car paint job is to think about the car's resale value. Think about the future and if you will want to sell your car eventually. Typically, unique and outlandish car colors are more difficult to sell. If you want a car that's easier to sell and could possibly get more money for, it's best to pick a more standard or classic color.


Day to day maintenance is something else to think about when choosing a color for a car paint job in Orlando. Whether it's showing dirt or scratches, keep these things in mind before getting a car paint job in Orlando:

  • Gold, yellow, green and white colored cars are the least easy to keep clean. These colors show dirt and grime quickly and easily.
  • Dark colors, i.e. gray, navy and black, look cleaner for longer because they don't show dirt as easily.
  • Darker colors, however, show more aesthetic damage such as scratches, dings or swirls from car wax. Lighter colors allow for more neglect.
  • Don't forget that lighter color cars (white, silver, etc.) tend to stay cooler internally during the hot summers while the sun beats down on it!

If you want to improve the look of your car, bring it in to our body shop in Orlando for a car paint job! For more information on car paint jobs in Orlando, call us at (866) 637-2430!


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