Toyota launches new Connected Cabin Awareness tech

June 6th, 2022 by

Did you know that in 2021, 23 children died from heat stroke after being left in hot cars? Here in Central Florida, this concern is legitimate with the intense heat we see every single summer. The inside of a car can reach upwards of 125 degrees F in just minutes, and according to the non-profit Kids and Cars, one in four children that die in a hot car made their way into the vehicle without their parents or guardians realizing.

Toyota’s new Cabin Awareness tech uses 4D imaging to save lives

Toyota is always at the forefront of safety technology and research, and this particular concern is no exception. They’ve launched all-new Connected Cabin Awareness tech to detect both people and pets inside the car, and our Orlando Toyota dealership is here to explain this innovative safety feature and how it can benefit you as a driver.

Toyota Cabin Awareness tech

Cabin Awareness exists in a lot of new Toyotas right now; it’ll remind anyone sitting in a seat to put their seatbelt on once the car is in operation, and it’ll also flash a reminder to the driver to check the backseat as soon as the vehicle is turned off. However, this new safety feature is next-level. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Cabin Awareness uses millimeter-wave high-resolution 4D imaging radar to detect people and pets inside the vehicle cabin.
  • The tech is mounted out of sight above a vehicle’s headliner and scans the vehicle even after the driver has exited, ensuring that if any living thing is left behind, the driver will be alerted.
  • Cabin Awareness can sense micromovements like heartbeat, respiration, and any motion of occupants and spans all three seating rows, the cargo area, and the vehicle’s footwells. It can even sense occupants if they’re under a blanket.
  • Once an occupant is sensed in the vehicle, the Toyota will alert the driver (and possibly people walking by) with a series of alerts. First, the instrument cluster lights up. Then the horn honks. Next, emergency lights flash. Finally, a warning notification and text message can be sent to the driver through the Toyota app on their phone. And if programmed correctly, Cabin Awareness can send alerts through smart home devices and to other emergency contacts, as well as Toyota Safety Connect emergency assistance, who can then contact first responders.
  • This new Toyota safety feature will debut as a patent-pending concept in a new Toyota Sienna prototype and will further be tested in the Toyota Sienna AutonoMaaS (Autonomous Mobility as a Service) shuttle at the Toyota headquarters in Michigan.
  • The inspiration for this new Toyota safety feature came from NASA, believe it or not – the microwave radar tech used in the Jet Propulsion Laboratory inspired it. (The tech was used in 2015 in Nepal to detect earthquake survivors buried in rubble.)
  • This Toyota safety feature includes the only tech on the market that can monitor an entire vehicle cabin with a single sensor.

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