Toyota introduces new app feature to help you install a child car seat

March 24th, 2021 by

Does the thought of installing your child car seat for the first time make you nervous? We get it – you want your kids to be as safe as possible at all times, especially when you have them in the car with you. However, installing a car seat can be confusing if you’ve never done it before, and even if you get it installed, you can’t really be sure that you’ve done it correctly until you’ve had lots of practice… or a little guidance from the experts. That’s where Toyota comes in!

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What is Toyota For Families?

As always, you can visit your local fire station or police department to have them show you how to properly install a child car seat and ensure that you’re doing it correctly. Toyota is dedicated to safety, though, and wanted to make car seat installation even simpler for its customers. After all, proper installation of a car seat can reduce injuries in a crash by up to 70%. That’s why they’ve created a new app feature called Toyota For Families that shows you how to install your seat safely and correctly in your Orlando Toyota.

Toyota For Families was developed by three mothers who were determined to make this information more accessible for EVERY driver. Jennifer Pelky (Toyota principal engineer of vehicle performance development for interior safety), Lindsay Babian (Toyota principal engineer of body design for seats), and Janelle Pharris (advanced technology senior planner for Toyota) worked together to create this award-winning app feature and get it off the ground in 2021.

Here are the details:

  • Toyota For Families can be accessed either through the Toyota Owners App or via the Toyota website.
  • Users can either enter their VIN or select their model and trim to specify which car they’ll be installing in.
  • Next, users choose the location where they want to put the car seat and then the type of car seat they have – forward-facing, rear-facing, or booster seat. Toyota also makes it easy if you’re unsure as to which seat you should be using by providing a guide to car seats based on age and weight.

Once those details have been specified by the user, they’re shown both a custom video AND written step-by-step instructions on how to install a generic car seat into their chosen vehicle. Instructions are given both for the LATCH system and seat belt installation, and if the user chooses an installation method that’s incompatible with their seat (for example, wanting to use LATCH when it’s not possible) the system will let them know.

The video and instructions are specific to the Toyota Sienna right now (that’s the model used as the example), but Toyota hopes to expand this to the rest of the fleet to make customers feel even more comfortable. Additionally, this feature of the app is accessible to both iPhone and Android users.

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