The best road trip games for your summer vacation

April 26th, 2024 by

Summer is coming, which means it’s time to hit the road. The summer months are undeniably the most popular time of the year for road trips, and whether you’re heading across your state or across the country, you need a way to pass the time behind the wheel. Check out this list of the best road trip games from our sales team here at Toyota of Orlando!

What are the best road trip games for families?

The best road trip games are entertaining but still let the driver focus on the task at hand (getting you to your vacation destination quickly). Here are our top Orlando Toyota tips for passing the time while you’re hitting the road. However, not all games are created equal and the littles in your car may not appreciate the same games as the adults. Check out our list of the best road trip games for families.

best road trip games

Cows on my side 

Even the youngest of passengers can enjoy this road trip game – if you can spot a cow, you can win.

  • If you see a cow on your side of the road, you yell “Cows on my side!” and get one point.
  • If you see cows on the other side, you yell “cows on your side!”. If you call it before the person on that side sees the cows, you steal one of their points.
  • The trick to winning the game fast? If you see a cemetery yell “ghost cows!” and steal ALL of the others’ points.

What color is it? 

This is one of the best road trip games because it’s simple and everyone can play at once. Here’s how:

  • The first player has to think of an item that you can buy at a grocery store.
  • Everyone else in the car has to guess what it is by asking questions to narrow it down. (For example, is it frozen? Is it more than $5? Is it packaged?)

Road trip scavenger hunt

Before you hit the open road in your Orlando Toyota, print out an easy car scavenger hunt! There are tons of them online that you can download and your littles will stay busy hunting for the items outside the car. The more items, the longer they stay occupied!

I Spy Alphabet

Want your smaller passengers to work on letters and phonics? Play I Spy alphabet! Here are the rules for this road trip game.

  • Person 1 picks something inside or outside of the car and says “I spy with my little eye something that starts with the letter….” and names the first letter of the object.
  • The rest of the passengers have to guess what it is and in the process, practice their alphabets and phonics skills.

The best road trip games for adults

Orlando Toyota road trip game

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The Movie Game 

This road trip game is for all you film buffs out there. Basically, someone names an actor. The next person has to say a movie that they were in, and the next person has to name ANOTHER actor from the same film, and the game continues on. For example:

  • Person 1: Robert Downey Jr.
  • Person 2: The Avengers
  • Person 3: Chris Evans
  • Person 1: Captain America

And so forth.

The Alphabet Categories 

For this road trip game, you first choose a category. Then you round robin – everyone has to take turns naming something from that category in alphabetical order. For example:

Category: Fruit

  • Person 1: Apples
  • Person 2: Bananas
  • Person 3: Cantaloupe

And so on. When you hit the end of the alphabet, pick a new category!

The Name Game 

If you’re good with names, this is one of the best road trip games to pass the time. Basically, someone has to name a well-known person or celebrity. The next person has to say a person whose first name starts with the letter of the previous last name. For example:

  • Person 1: Taylor Swift
  • Person 2: Scarlett Johansson
  • Person 3: Jason Momoa
  • Person 1: Millie Bobbie Brown

If somebody mentions a person where both the first and last name start with the same letter, the game reverses in order (like Mandy Moore).

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