New Toyota SUV teased – is it the Land Cruiser replacement?

January 19th, 2022 by

Toyota is all about dropping teasers these days and this week was no exception. Just when the excitement over the new GR Corolla Hot Hatch was dying down, they worked everyone up again by putting out a press release teasing a new Toyota SUV. However, all we got were a few lines of copy and one half-photo of the rear of the vehicle. Toyota of Orlando is diving into the press release AND the rumors surrounding it – buckle up!

2023 Toyota in Orlando FL

What new Toyota SUV will be introduced to the lineup?

So first, let’s talk about the press release itself. It came out yesterday and as noted, showcased a static image of the rear of an SUV. The headline reads “The Next Big Thing From Toyota” and the copy is scarce, only stating “Something big is coming to the Toyota SUV lineup. A clear picture will come into view soon. Stay tuned.” Not much to go on, but we’re ready to speculate alongside the rest of the automotive world. Here goes.

In our opinion, this new Toyota SUV is one of two models: The newly redesigned 2023 Toyota Sequoia, or the all-new Toyota Grand Highlander. Why? Basically, since the Land Cruiser was retired in 2021 there’s been a hole in the lineup for a larger SUV. Sure, we have the Sequoia, but even the 2022 model is – to put it bluntly – stale. So it stands to reason that either a completely retooled Sequoia model will be released in 2023 to freshen things up, or the new Grand Highlander will be unveiled to take the place of the old Toyota Land Cruiser.

We’ve talked about the new 2023 Toyota Sequoia before; as we said, it’s been 15 years (15!!) since the last redesign. This plush, performance-driven Orlando Toyota SUV is in major need of a facelift inside, out, and under the hood. Here’s a roundup of the rumors surrounding it:

  • It’ll be redesigned for 2023 with a completely new look (likely similar to the new 2022 Toyota Tundra) and an updated interior with premium materials and top technology.
  • It’s widely speculated that the 5.7L V8 engine currently in residence will be kicked to the curb for the new turbocharged V6 option currently found in the 2022 Toyota Tundra. It could also be offered in a hybrid model, just like its truck sibling.
  • It’ll sit on the new TNGA-F platform which offers majorly updated ride comfort and safety features.

But what about this Grand Highlander business? This one is PURE speculation so don’t come for us if it doesn’t come to fruition. The rumor is that since Toyota recently patented the “Grand Highlander” name, they might be introducing a larger, three-row Highlander option into the market. It would be slightly larger than the existing model (which to be fair, does have three rows, but the third row is a LITTLE cramped) and fit in between the current Highlander and Sequoia in the lineup. Like we said, all speculation, but we’ve heard stranger things.

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