How to use cruise control

January 2nd, 2018 by

When you get behind the wheel of your Orlando Toyota, you definitely have a lot of gadgets to make your drive time easier. You’ll find features and options like a push button start, Head Up Display, the Pre-Collision System, and Lane Keep Assist, just to name a few. However, one feature that nearly every new Toyota in Orlando comes with is cruise control. This handy feature makes your drive time a lot easier and less exhausting when you hit the highway…. but do you know how to properly use it?

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Some drivers are under the impression that they can just hit the cruise control button anytime and let their new Toyota do the rest. However, that’s definitely not the case. It’s a great tool to prevent leg fatigue on the highway, and it also helps you maintain a constant speed and can bump up fuel efficiency. However, there are certain times you shouldn’t be using it, and we’re listing them out for you!

You can’t use cruise control all the time in your new Toyota

  • You shouldn’t use cruise control when you’re in traffic – it’s designed to be utilized on the highway. If you try to use it in your new Toyota in Orlando during traffic, you’re really just wasting your time – all the stopping and starting at traffic lights will cancel out any perks you may get from utilizing it. Additionally, it’s dangerous, as you need to be moving with the ebb and flow of traffic, which means you need to be in complete control of your car.
  • You should avoid using your cruise control feature while driving in rain, snow, or fog. These adverse conditions make it hard enough to control your new Orlando Toyota as is, and taking away the element of control when it comes to speed can be extremely dangerous. Keep your foot on the pedal if you’re facing these types of weather conditions.

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  • If you’re tired, you should definitely not use cruise control. It’s a form of auto-pilot – you still have to steer your new Toyota, but you don’t have to think about your speed. Combine this with fatigue and you’re in danger of getting into an accident, so if you’re sleepy, definitely keep yourself in charge of your car’s speed to stay on task. In fact, it may be best to pull off the road and take a nap until you’re more awake.
  • Using cruise control at night also isn’t the best idea. Nighttime means your visibility is a bit more limited, so you need that little extra bit of control to make sure you have the element of safety on your side. It’ll also keep you more awake if you’re in charge of monitoring your new Toyota’s speed.

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