Eight tips for beginner drivers

October 25th, 2020 by

Whether you’re a teen driver about to hit the road for the first time or just someone who’s never had the opportunity to get behind the wheel, learning to drive can be intimidating. It doesn’t have to be hard, though, and our Orlando Toyota dealership is here with 8 quick driving tips to help you tackle the task with as little stress as possible.

driving tips

8 driving tips to help beginners hit the road

Tip #1: Learn to feel where your tires are. Do you know how to feel where your tires are? This will help you avoid hitting curbs when you’re parking and potholes and road debris when you’re out on the road. Practice feeling where they are by putting a plastic bottle on the ground and driving and backing over it – roll down your window so you can hear it.

Tip #2: Always adjust your mirrors before you drive. You should always adjust your mirrors BEFORE you leave the driveway. Make sure you can’t see the side of your car in your side mirrors so you can see your blind spots, and make sure you can see out of the back window of your Orlando Toyota entirely when using your rearview mirror.

Tip #3: When you’re in traffic, watch the taller vehicles. If you’re in traffic, watch the taller vehicles in front of you to see how they’re maneuvering. This will help you better navigate the road, turns, and stop-and-go driving.

Tip #4: Use the night mode on your rearview mirror. Did you know there’s a night mode on your rearview mirror? Pull the lever on the bottom of the mirror at night so headlights behind you won’t blind you.

Tip #5: Use your A/C, even in the winter. Pro driving tip – turn on your air conditioner regularly. This will help ensure that it stays in good shape all year long and always works when you need it.

Tip #6: If you see someone in the lane next to you slowing down, you should slow down too. This can indicate a speed trap or that they’re letting a pedestrian cross the road.

Tip #7: Don’t drive through water of any kind quickly. If you can’t go around a puddle and have to drive through it, go slowly. You never know how deep water is and you don’t want to flood your car or ruin your electrical system. Go slowly so if need be, you can back out before any damage is done to your Orlando Toyota.

Tip #8: Use your parking brake. Not many people use this part of their car unless they’re parked on a hill, but you should actually use your parking brake all the time. It helps take some of the strain off of your normal brakes and can save you money in the long run.

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