Ants in your car? Here’s how to get rid of them.

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Have you ever climbed into your car and noticed that you’re not alone? We’re not talking human passengers or four-legged friends – we’re talking ants. Believe it or not, ant infestations in cars are pretty common and can do serious damage to your Orlando Toyota long-term. That’s why it’s critical to take care of the problem as soon as you notice your new six-legged passengers, and our Toyota of Orlando service center techs are here to give you tips on how to do it.

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Why might you find ants in your car?

Ants find their way into your car because they deem it a viable source of food or water. They build nests, sure, but once their home base is established ants tend to forage for food and water to bring back, finding the necessities by scent. Once they’ve found food or water in your car, it’s a free-for-all. And even worse, they leave scent trails so other ants know where to get the goods and can also invade your vehicle. This problem can quickly get out of hand, so as soon as you notice ants in your car it’s important to act fast. If left unchecked, ants can chew through wood, foam, insulation, and worst of all, wires. Plus, they can bite you and your passengers.

Tip #1: Clean your car from top to bottom. The first step to take when you notice ants in your car is to give your car a thorough detailing. Take out all trash, food, empty bottles, etc. and vacuum the interior. Wipe down all surfaces, clean the glass, and be sure to check in places like under the seats, in the seat cracks, under car seats, underneath floor mats, and in storage areas like the trunk, glovebox, and center console. Make sure your car is crumb-free and has nothing in it that may be deemed delicious by ants.

Tip #2: Try DIY remedies. You can try at-home remedies at first if you’re not overly keen on the idea of putting professional ant-killing products in your car. Some people swear by Dawn soap – mix two cups of warm water, three tablespoons of salt, and three tablespoons of soap in a spray bottle and spray down the ants.

Ants also hate citrus (like spiders and other insects). Use a citrus-based cleaner when cleaning your car to deter them from wanting to hang out in there. You can also add orange oil to the above-mentioned Dawn soap mixture for an extra-potent extermination tool.

Tip #3: Spring for ant spray and traps. If DIY remedies just won’t cut it, it’s time to break out the big guns. Hit Home Depot or Lowe’s and look for ant-killing spray and ant bait or traps to leave in the car. Spray will kill the ones you see immediately, while bait/traps will take care of the ones that are hiding. Just be sure to be careful with what you’re using, especially if you have kids or pets in the car.

Tip #4: Change your parking spot. It’s also a good idea to switch up where you park – this will confuse the ants and they won’t be able to follow their scent trails to your vehicle anymore.

Tip #5: Look for nests. If you see ant nests in your driveway or yard, get rid of them. This will destroy the home base and encourage the ants to get out of town and head elsewhere.

Visit Toyota of Orlando for help with an ant infestation

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