Toyota Safety Sense

Here at Toyota of Orlando, we want you to be in the safest environment possible every time you get behind the wheel. That's why we're so proud that Toyota is renowned throughout the automotive industry for its research in safety innovation, as well as the incredible safety ratings that its cars receive! However, that's all about to be taken up a notch - introducing Toyota Safety Sense! 

Orlando Toyota Safety Sense takes safety technology to a new level 

Toyota Safety Sense

This new Orlando Toyota technology is available on select 2016 models, and will up the ante in terms of peace of mind when you get into the driver's seat. Toyota Safety Sense was carefully researched, developed, and implemented by Toyota over the course of several years so they could perfect the technologies that compose it. The end results are exceptional! 

Two different Toyota Safety Sense packages are up for grabs in select new Toyota in Orlando - you can choose between Toyota Safety Sense c and Toyota Safety Sense p. While both take safety to another level, they do differ in terms of the features that they offer and the types of vehicles they'll be featured in. Let's take a closer look! 

Find two new Toyota safety packages available 

Toyota Safety Sense c: This particular set of safety technology is designed for smaller compact cars; you can expect to find it as an option for cars like the Orlando Toyota Corolla and Orlando Toyota Yaris. It contains the following new Toyota safety technology: 

  • The Pre-Collision System, which slows your vehicle in the event of an impending frontal collision to either lessen the damage or prevent the collision from occurring at all
  • Lane Departure Alert, which alerts you (using radar technology to gauge lane markers) if you start to drift out of your lane and into another vehicle's path
  • Automatic High Beams, which will turn on as needed to give you the best visibility possible and switch off when other drivers are approaching

Toyota Safety Sense p: This set of Orlando Toyota safety technology is designed for larger vehicles and those that offer higher trim-levels that are more luxury-oriented. Think the new Toyota Highlander and Toyota Avalon! It includes Orlando Toyota safety features like: 

  • The Pre-Collision System
  • Lane Departure Alert
  • Automatic High Beams


  • Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, which is a cruise control technology that uses radar to sense vehicles in front of your Orlando Toyota. If you switch on cruise control, it'll automatically slow your speed to avoid hitting the vehicle in front of you and then speed you up accordingly when traffic frees up!
  • The Pre-Collision System for Pedestrians, which is a brand-new Orlando Toyota safety technology that senses pedestrians and other objects in the path of your new Toyota. It'll slow your vehicle to help lessen the impact of or avoid a collision!

Orlando Toyota safety technology

Pretty innovative - we're thrilled that our new Toyota in Orlando are able to provide such an incredible set of safety features to our customers on top of the innovative features that are already integrated into the vehicles! Want more info on Toyota Safety Sense? Give us a call today - we're here to answer questions at (888) 725-3520, seven days a week! 


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